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Whether you are a small business entering into a contract, or an individual entering into a lease agreement, land contract, or contract for services, you should always have an attorney review your contract prior to finalizing it. Below are the contract services offered by Hildebrand Law Office.

Contract Services

Welcome to the Contract Services information page. Our goal is to provide the very best in Contract Review or Contract Drafting. These services can be provided either in a traditional manner with in person appointments or in a complete virtual law practice manner with all services being provided through email and our secure client portal. Our contract services fees begin at $175. Please email michelle@michellehildebrandlaw.com or call 574-303-6578 to discuses your contract needs

Contract Review

Hildebrand Law Office will review a contract that you have drafted or that another party has drafted and advise you on the contract. There are so many ways that a contract can be ambiguous leading to confusion and litigation to determine the actual meaning or intent of the contract. We can determine the ambiguities and weaknesses of a contract for you, giving you advice on what needs to be changed. We can also advise you on additional language that should be added to protect your interests in the contract whether you are the drafter of the document or it has been presented to you. While most services allow for a free consultation, contract review services would require payment at the time of service. 

Contract Drafting

While sometimes you are presented with a contract, there are other times where you are the party that is responsible for drafting the contract. Hildebrand Law can draft the contract on your behalf protecting your interests in the contract. There are numerous mistakes that people can make when drafting their own contract without legal training. Attorneys have been trained to include important language into contracts that will protect their client interests, avoid ambiguities, and hold up in a court of law.