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Estate Planning Services

At Hildebrand Law we offer a variety of Estate Planning Services. These services include everything from Living Wills to your Final Will and Testament. Services include Trusts, Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Child Care purposes, and Healthcare Power of Attorney

Most of these services are offered on a flat fee basis and can be completed using our virtual law office option. These services are offered throughout the State of Indiana.

Please see below for descriptions of the different services available. 

Estate Planning Services


Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorney

Many people have difficulty discussing end of life descisions. However it is important that your family and knows what you want done in emergency circumstances. Unfortunately, your family may need to deal with decisions regarding feeding tubes and hydration, as well as whether you want to be resuscitated in certain circumstances. It is helpful if you discuss your wishes with your family members in advance. However, more important is to put your desires in writing along with a designated person who will make the final decision. A living will allows you to do this. Hildebrand law office offers living wills as a flat fee service as well as part of an overall estate planning service. This can protect your wishes an decrease family conflict at a time when your family needs to come together.

Living Trusts

A living trust is one way to avoid probate when you pass away. Our office can draft a trust and last will and testament that leaves your property to your Living Trust, This is managed by your designated trustee and given to your beneficiaries as you have stated in your trust documents. This is a great option for those who want to avoid probate and have a family member or friend they trust to follow the wishes as stated in their Living Trust. You are also able to make changes at any time, inluding terminating your trust. These fees begin at $350.00 for the living trust and will.

Power of Attorney

There may come a time in your life when you need someone else to manage your financial affairs. This may be the result of you leaing for the military, taking an extended vaction, leaving the country temporarily, or developing a medical condition where you are unable to manage your financial affairs.We are able to provide you with a Power of Attorney document, as well as help you terminate a prior POA that you no longer wish to remain in effect. These fees begin at $150. 

Last Will and Testament

Too may people pass away without a final will, expressing what their final wishes are. While Indiana has intestacy laws that can determine how your property is divided after you have passed, it is better to have what your wishes spelled out in your Last Will and Testament. When YOU establsh who receives what of the property you have left behind, this decreases the sibling rivalry and confusion that can result when there is no will. We can draft a will for you to protect your wishes and protect your family. These fees begin at $150.

Power of Attorney for Child Care Purposes

While there are times that we all need some one to be able to make decisions regarding our finances, there are also times we may need, or wish to allow. someone else to make decisions regarding our children. One of these situations is when a step-parent or grandparent needs to deal with our children's school or healthcare provider. Normally these institutions are legaly unable to provide information to these individuals, even though you have consented to it. With a Power of Attorney for Child Care Purposes, your designated person can provide care and access information on your behalf for the care of your children.