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Our Legal Services

Hildebrand Law Office seeks to provide the best possible outcome for your particular case. While our focus is in Family Law, we also provide bankruptcy and other debt collection services, as well as estate planning. Please contact our office and schedule your free consultation.

Whether it's a divorce, legal separation, paternity action, or adoption, Hildebrand Law Office is here to represent your interests. We understand the sensitive and difficult nature of these types of cases and will handle it with sensitivity while seeking the best possible resolution for you and your family.We believe that cooperation between parents is the goal of family law representation but also understand that this is not always possible and will aggressively represent your interests at trial when an agreement has not been reached.

Bankruptcy and Debt Collection Defense

Here at Hildebrand Law Office we recognize that you may fall on hard times and need help to get back on your feet, whether it's a clean start as in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or simply defending your interests against creditors who are taking collection action against you. We will help you negotiate with your creditors and/or defend you when your creditor has brought a lawsuit against you.

If a fresh start is what you are looking for, we will file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy for you and work with you throughout the process until your discharge is completed. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns following the discharge, you are welcome to contact our office to discuss.

Whether you are just starting out, you have children are in college, or you entering retirement, Hildebrand Law can help you through your estate planning needs. Whether you need a simple will completed, or are looking for full estate planning documents, we will walk you through the process and complete the documents that pertain to your situation. These matters are handled on a flat fee basis, so there are no surprises or hidden fees.

If you are considering entering into a contract with another party, it is always in your best interest to have the proposed contract reviewed by your own attorney. Oftentimes there is language in the contract that may be ambiguous and lead to conflict. Or if drafted by the other party, it is important to remember that that party has drafted the contract most beneficial to themselves. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek your own attorney to review the contract.

If you are seeking to draft a contract, Hildebrand Law can draft a contract for you that best represents your interests and protects you in the event of a disagreement or breach by the other party.

Please email michelle@michellehildebrandlaw.com or call 574-303-6578 to schedule an appointment for a review of your proposed contract or to have a contract drafted for you.